Overwatch wins Bet on 4 seasons 2016 with the Game Awards – Load the action

Ever since 2014, gamers are able to watch the annual award show referred to as Game Awards, by which various awards are shown to videogames and videogame developers, such as Best Fighting Game, Best Art Direction, or Best Independent Game. The action Awards 2016 had many interesting games around the spotlight, and games like Doom and Inside won a good number of awards. But the biggest award on most of these shows is always Game of the age, this holiday season there are 5 great games that competed to the grand prize, and surprisingly enough, Overwatch had been able win the award for Bet on the season!.

The games nominated for The Game Awards “Bet on the Year” award were the acclaimed action first person shooter Doom, the very last chapter from the Uncharted series Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, the indie plattformer and universally beloved Inside, the underselling but well accepted Titanfall 2, and Overwatch, the blizzard developed first person shooter that eventually found themselves winning the award. Overwatch also won the award for “Best Multiplayer” as well as developer Blizzard Entertainment won the award for “Best Game Direction”, purchasing a total of 3 awards, rendering it the game/developer with awards of your show. Annually theres one or two multiplayer games that have the ability to snatch a couple of Bet on the age awards, like Rocket League in 2015 or Hearthstone way back in 2014.

While I’d personally have loved it if Doom won, Overwatch remains an excellent game plus it deserves recognition to get, specifically, an extremely fun game to learn. It’s interesting that Blizzard wins a personal game of the season award given that it we hadn’t happened for quite that number, it proves they own a really competent team and im very interested to learn whats their next project. This year has Zelda, Nier: Automata and Horizon: Zero Dawn, thus am absolutely certain that award are going to be a bloodbath at the same time.

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