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Rumors was swirling around a possible delay of your second episode of the latest adventure game from Dontnod Entertainment The world is Strange after Destructoid report claimed which a representative from Square Enix confirmed a delay. Dontnod had previously promised release a episodes at regular and frequent intervals- six weeks of the time in between each installment.?However, today, both Dontnod and Square Enix have refuted the claims that your next episode will be whatsoever stalled. Episode 2 are going to be released before the end of March.

In a statement to Eurogamer regarding the rumors, Square Enix said this:

Dear friends of Life is Strange,

We’ve been requested to solve the issue of when episode 2 will likely be released since there are rumors of any delay. We’d like to assure everyone that development is to normal and we’re wanting to release it before the end of March.

Dontnod Entertainment reiterated this statement in a very tweet from your official Life’s Strange account. Furthermore they gave examine a new section of concept art from Episode 2 being a thanks for the support of your fans.

There were rumours of Ep2 delay but development is on target and we're trying to release it until the end of March.

— Our life is Strange (@LifeIsStrange) February 27, 2015

To give you thanks for the support to this point, this is the new piece of concept art for Episode 2: Out of Time pic.twitter.com/Yvluh8vgkO

— Life Is Strange (@LifeIsStrange) February 27, 2015

The release date?of prior to a end of March could still signify that Life’s more Strange can be seeing a small delay from your promised intervals. Episode One of the game came out on January 30, to ensure the next would theoretically hit on March 13. ?Just saying that it will eventually release ahead of the end of March gives Dontnod a while beyond this time.

Life is Strange is undoubtedly an episodic adventure game that follows a photography student named Maxine Caulfield who discovers one day that they has the ability to rewind time. Story and character development are the central focus on the game. Dontnod Entertainment is going to be releasing five episodes of Life’s more Strange in all and they can be?located on PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 elite, Xbox One, and PC.

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