Bandai Namco Reveals New Trailer For Pirate Warriors 3 – Load the action

Bandai Namco Games has revealed a whole new trailer for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. This trailer (in Japanese) showcases?the Marineford arc on the main anime and manga series. This latest entry from the Dynasty Warriors-esque series will challenge players to try to get countless enemies which has a selection of combat moves. The single most prominent things about this upcoming title is a Kizuna Rush, allowing you players to summon additional characters to perform combo attacks.

The game’s plot?will concentrate on the origin story of Monkey D. Luffy?with the anime and manga series One Piece. It will originate from the protagonist’s humble beginnings in Fushia village and will allow players to achieve his journey for being the Pirate King. For instance recruiting each of the people in his Straw Hat Pirates and?the Marineford arc, who has had?a massive have an effect on the series in its entirety. This arc?have been described as “the most significant turn of events” inside the series. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 will probably be arriving in Japan on March 26th also in the?West in Summer 2015.

One Piece centers surrounding the hilarious?protagonist Luffy with his iconic straw hat. He was enamoured while using King with the Pirates as a kid and believes while in the presence of normally the one Piece treasure. This treasure is rumoured being located while in the Grand Line, a mysterious place containing only been explored by Gol D. Roger, the King in the Pirates. Luffy sets from a trip to be the Pirate King, the greatest pirate that ever lived. Before he can start achieving that goal he must recruit a crew. Thus the Straw Hat Pirates are produced.

The series became one of the largest franchises in Japan alongside well-known series, like Naruto and Bleach. This franchise includes?the best-selling?manga series on the earth, an anime TV series which has been running for your better part of two full decades and over 30 video game titles.?Many franchises have fizzled out as time passes, however One Piece?manga volumes, anime episodes and game titles stay released presently.

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