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Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure?came as a fairly surprise. That it was announced and released in Japan on May 31, but it?finally hit the eShop in North America and Europe on June 11. By bringing classic Dr. Mario gameplay as well as aspects of Dr. Luigi?and?Dr. Mario Online Rx,?Miracle Cure gives an excellent?Dr. Mario experience for any cheap price.

If you’ve never played a Dr. Mario game, the theory is quite simple to grasp: your employment is to obtain eliminate red, blue, and yellow viruses. You can do this by manipulating colored capsules that continually fit in this area. It’s similar to Tetris, really, except with just a number of differences that leave the sport unique.?Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure?continues because of this same formula, but adds a completely new element – the miracle cure. Whilst you match colors and eradicate viruses, a meter along the side of the bottle (your arena) fills up. Once the meter is full, you’ll obtain a random power-up known as miracle cure. Miracle cures have several functions: you are a bomb that destroys capsules and viruses inside the immediately surrounding area (shown above), another clears a total row or column, and yet another clears all capsules and viruses of a given color.

Along with the miracle cures, the L-shaped capsules introduced in 2013’s Wii U exclusive?Dr. Luigi?make a shape inside the new 3DS title (shown above). The touch-screen focused Virus Buster mode first witnessed in?Dr. Mario Online Rx also constitutes a comeback (shown below). Both of the modes appear and feel great within the 3DS. The 3D effect isn’t used anywhere in addition to the key menu, though the game still looks great. Unfortunately, the choice a personalized game music which has been contained in almost every other Dr. Mario game isn’t seen in?Miracle Cure. The tunes tracks are randomly selected for each level. The tracks are nevertheless good, but not being able to choose your individual music definitely diminishes the Dr. Mario experience.

As far as gameplay goes,?Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure?will be the series at its best. The sixty levels in the Miracle Cure Laboratory are an easy way to begin, even though they’re transient. After two or three hours using the Laboratory challenges, you’ll anticipate to adopt the other game – Custom Clinic mode and multiplayer. In Custom Clinic, you’ll be able to pick from Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi, and Virus Buster gameplay. It is possible to elect to fiddle with or without the presence of miracle cure power-ups, and both the Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi modes offer either endless single player gameplay or perhaps the replacement for play against a CPU. Virus Buster only offers endless single player gameplay without the presence of miracle cure power-ups, but it’s still a ton of fun.

Though?puzzle games don’t usually give attention to multiplayer,?Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure?continues the brilliant multiplayer tradition that previous entries started. During multiplayer, miracle cures aren’t just power-ups – special miracle cures behave badly for the opponent. Reversing the negative impacts from the directional pad, preventing the other guy from rotating capsules, and increasing drop speed all make each multiplayer match especially intense. Regardless if miracle cures are turned off (that is certainly an alternative for the Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi multiplayer matches), the multiplayer is utterly insane. The high-speed gameplay can be quite addicting, as well as multiplayer element should make it a lot better. At my time while using game, I lost much more matches than I won – nonetheless thoroughly enjoyed every last victory and defeat.

By bringing the Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi, and Virus Buster modes to Nintendo 3DS with an excellent online and local multiplayer system (including download play), Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure?manages to get the best of a few Dr. Mario titles on 3DS. And also, but?Miracle Cure may be the best definitive Dr. Mario experience that you can buy. Eventhough it doesn’t change things up an excessive amount,?Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure offers the very best of the series to manufacture a truly awesome puzzler for that affordable.

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Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure?came as a large surprise. It was actually announced and released in Japan on May 31, and it also?finally hit the eShop in The usa and Europe on June 11. By bringing classic Dr. Mario gameplay coupled with aspects of Dr. Luigi?and?Dr. Mario Online Rx,?Miracle Cure provides an excellent?Dr.…
Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure Review
Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure Review
Aria Maryn

Gameplay – 8.5

Visuals – 7.5

Sound – 7

Replay Value – 8




By bringing together good the series, Miracle Cure seems to give you a definitive Dr. Mario experience for that affordable price.

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